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WOGO Business

What is WOGO?

About WOGO?
WOGO is an online marketing tool designed especially for the hospitality industry and consequently THE search engine of the future for restaurant, bar and café owners and guests alike. Add your restaurant, bar or café quickly and easily, let your business be found and thanks to our simple and effective marketing tool affect a long-lasting increase in the frequency of customers and consequently be the place everyone is talking about. Show your business to the world, attract loyal customers and acquire new ones.
Is WOGO free?
Yes, simply register for free and enjoy the advantages of WOGO.You can register as a user with your email address and password or simply sign up using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account. Choose your profile name for WOGO and you’re ready to start creating a list of favorites and reviewing restaurants, bars and cafés.
Is the “Free” business membership really free?
Yes. With Free you can fill in all the basic info for your restaurant, bar or café such as opening hours, type of restaurant, bar or café, detailed info and much more.You get a small menu and a 3-picture gallery as well.The first time you sign up you receive the entire premium package for the first 30 days to test for free. At the end of the test period your account is automatically transferred to a Free membership. No fees are charged.
What is a “Silver” Business membership?
With the silver membership you can fill in 7 large menus, e.g. as the owner of a café-confisserie add up to 15 pictures to your gallery.
What is a “Premium” membership?
You get the entire WOGO quality package with Premium. Perfect presentation of restaurants with all menus, such as the lunch, dinner, daily and weekly menus and 12 large menus (wine menu, vegetarian menu, beverage menu, etc.) as well as 250 pictures in your gallery for perfect restaurant marketing.
Can I switch from a Silver membership to a Premium membership?
Yes. You can upgrade from a Silver membership to a Premium membership.
What forms of payment does WOGO accept?
All Business products can be paid for with Sofortkassa instant payment service, PayPal or with a credit card (Visa, MasterCard).
Why isn’t my restaurant, bar or café online?
There are various possible reasons for this. Please send us a message and we’ll try to find a solution to your problem as soon as possible.
Problems with the Restaurant Editing section?
There are various possible reasons for this. Please send us a message and we’ll try to find a solution to your problem as soon as possible.
Do I need special software for WOGO?
No, WOGO was specially developed, so that all functions can be used easily and intuitively in your web browser. However, we would recommend you make sure you’re using the latest version of your web browser because older browser versions may not be able to display all content correctly.
When can I install the WOGO-App?
Soon you can get all the information you need on the screen of your smartphone. We’re equally as committed to releasing the mobile version with the same function and design, so that you can find the right restaurant, bar or café according to your taste. Sign up for our Newsletter and receive all the info about the release of our app.